Get an accessible parking permit

How to get an accessible parking permit. Accessible parking permits are issued to a person or business and not a vehicle.  Permit holders must have been in the vehicle and the permit displayed on the dashboard in order to park in an accessible parking space.  

Only people with certain health conditions can apply for an accessible parking permit. Read the eligibility requirements below before you apply.

To apply for an accessible parking permit, there are 2 parts to the application form:

  • Part A – to be completed by the applicant
  • Part B – to be completed by your health care practitioner

You can obtain an application form by visiting any ServiceOntario centre or by">downloading a PDF version of the form.

Submit the completed form with original documents showing proof of name, date of birth and signature to a ServiceOntario centre in-person.

Applications can also be sent by mail to the address below.  If applying by mail, send photocopies only.

P.O. Box 9800
Kingston ON
K7L 5N8">Find the nearest ServiceOntario centre




3 weeks by mail
7 weeks when submitted at a ServiceOntario centre

Interim permit

While you are waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail, you can get an interim accessible parking permit valid for 90 days at a ServiceOntario centre.