Cancer Screening

Learning about cancer prevention and screening is important for everyone, even for people who have already been diagnosed with cancer.  Guidelines change over time and so it is important for people to keep up to date with the current guidelines to help stay as healthy as possible. Cancer Care Ontario's website provides the most up to date information regarding all aspects of cancer care in Ontario.

My CancerIQ

My CancerIQ is a website that helps you understand your risks for cancer and how to lower those risks.

Get Checked for Cancer

Cancer screening can find cancer early when there is a better chance of treating it successfully. Even if you do not have any symptoms, it is important to get screened.

Cancer Screening Locations

Find cancer screening locations and contact information.

Changes to Ontario Breast Screening Program coming fall 2024

The Ontario Government recently announced that the minimum age for self-referral for publicly funded mammograms through the Ontario Breast Screening Program will be reduced from 50 to 40, beginning in fall of 2024.  To stay up to date on this change as well as other breast cancer related information, please visit the Breast Cancer Canada website.