You and your newborn should be seen within the first week of going home from the hospital.  We want you to be seen within this time frame so contact us as soon as you are discharged so we can book you in.  Do not panic if you cannot be seen right away, we will always fit you in the first time available, but if this time is a bit farther than what we'd like then we will ask Dr. Wright how to proceed.  

If your child develops a fever when they are under 3 months old, do not wait for an appointment with Dr. Wright, take them to the ER immediately.  

You will never be booked with a healthy newborn after 3pm because we see infectious disease in the late afternoon.  This policy allows us to protect our vulnerable patients from exposure to infectious diseases that may not be serious for healthy individuals, but for the very young, elderly, and immunocompromised may be debilitating or even fatal.