General Appointment-related FAQs


If I booked an appointment for an injection with Reeza, will I see the doctor as well?

No, these appointments are with Reeza only and are intended for regular injections (eg B12, Prolia etc) or second and third doses in an immunization series which have already been authorized by the doctor.  If you have not spoken to your doctor about the injection/immunization you wish to receive, you must book an appointment to discuss it with them first.

I can’t seem to get through on the phones, how do I contact the office?

During peak hours you may be unable to get through to reception as the maximum number of callers in the call queue has already been reached.  If you leave a voicemail our receptionist will get back to you, usually same day but when the clinic is extremely busy it may take up to 48 hours.

I haven’t received my requisition yet, how long does it normally take?

You should receive your requisition by the end of the day, however if you have not received it check your junk folder first.  If it is not in your junk folder, simply email the office or leave a voicemail confirming your email (in case we have the wrong one on file) and ask for us to send it to you again. 

I received a notice from Public Health that I am due for a FIT, Pap, or other screening, what should I do?

If you are due for a Pap test, please book an annual physical examination at which time the pap will be done; if you already had a physical less than one year ago, please contact the office to schedule a pap test separately.  If you are due for a FIT or other screening, you may book a 10 minute phone to get the requisition(s) needed or you may also book an annual physical examination at which time you can discuss this and other screening. 

Do requisitions expire?

Yes, some test requisitions and notes for insurance coverage expire.  In general, lab requisitions are valid for 6 months past the issuing date, and many notes for insurance coverage are valid for a period of one year.  If your requisition/note has expired, you will need to get a new one, and you will be responsible for paying any fees for renewal of third party notes.