If you want to book a procedure, you must do so through reception, simply due to the fact that we are not able to perform all procedures at our clinic. 

Some procedures like stitch/staple removal are relatively simple and can be done on most days, but other procedures can only be done on certain days/by certain staff, and some procedures cannot be done at all and can only be done by a surgeon or specialized clinic.   

There is more info below on the most commonly asked about procedures.


Joint injections

Dr Scott can do joint injections for knees, shoulders, tennis/golfer's elbows, and trigger finger.  There are limitations to how many joint injections you can have in a year: at least 12 weeks must pass before you can get another injection in the same joint, with no more than three or four injections annually in any single joint, and no more than six a year for your entire body.  

Dr Scott only does joint injections on Fridays.  We cannot book a joint injection on another day without his permission.  

Dr Stefanie does not do joint injections.


Ingrown toenail(s)

Dr Scott can do surgical removals of ingrown toenails on Fridays.  Please bring loose fitting, open toed shoes to your appointment as you will not be able to fit your foot with the bandaging into tight footwear.  

Dr Stefanie does not do surgical procedures.  


Skin removals

You will need an in person consultation with your doctor to see if cryo-removal (liquid nitrogen) is possible, or if surgical removal is required.  Liquid nitrogen treatment is not covered by OHIP.  There is a $30 fee for this service.  



If you have a cyst that requires drainage, you must go to a clinic that is able to perform this procedure, as we do not have the dressings required to properly pack the cyst after it is drained.