Travel Advice

OHIP does not cover the cost for ANY services (including general travel advice, documentation, or travel vaccine advice/administration).

Depending on where you are planning to travel, you may be required to go to a specific travel clinic, especially if your travel recommends vaccination with Yellow Fever or Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines, or if your travel is to a higher risk destination (such as most areas of Africa or other underdeveloped countries).  Certified Travel Clinics in the area include:

Kitchener Travel Clinic (Passport Health)  684 Belmont Avenue West Suite 304, Kitchener   519-749-3371

KW Travel Clinic  570 University Ave. E, Suite 902, Waterloo   519-570-4208

Travel Clinic at the Boardwalk  430 The Boardwalk, Suite 107, Waterloo   (519) 585-0100

Virtual Travel Clinic:  Rockdoc+ 1-833-274-9673

For the more common travel destinations, we highly recommend you seek advice from a pharmacist with specific expertise in travel-related medical care.   The pharmacists may make specific recommendations for vaccinations and other prescribed medications, and we will be happy to send prescriptions to these pharmacies at a cost of $25 per person (with consideration of a discounted rate for multiple family members).  The following pharmacies provide high quality travel advice: 

Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy   493 Lancaster St W, Kitchener     (519) 745-4444

Waterloo Wellness Pharmasave   209 Lexington Road, Waterloo    (226) 812-0131

If you are going to one of the more common travel destinations and prefer to book an appointment for travel advice with your doctor, please be aware that you will be expected to pay for the cost of any appointments and vaccine administrations as per our Uninsured service fee list (in accordance with current OMA guidelines).


Recommended Resource for travel-related health:

No matter where you plan to travel, and even if you have travelled to that destination previously, guidelines may have changed.  For example, there may be specific health risks related to time of year of travel, and possibly periodic outbreaks of illnesses in certain areas.  We have found that the best up-to-date and detailed travel advice is found on the U.S. Centres for Disease Control website and we encourage you to consult this website before you travel:

CDC Travelers' Health: Travel Advice by U.S. Centres for Disease Control      CDC