Effective Dec 1, 2021

Payment for uninsured services is required upfront.

Exceptions can only be made with authorization from Dr. Wright.

Notes for missed work/school $20
Notes/Prescriptions for services covered by insurance companies (physiotherapy, massage therapy, orthotics, counseling, etc.)


$10 for each additional note

Miscellaneous medical services when patient not in attendance (eg. request for insurance note for a family member not in attendance) $20
Medical advice pertaining to travel outside of Canada (includes prescription but not administration of vaccines)

Individual $80

Family $120

Administration of Immunization for Travel Purposes (per person) $20
Missed Appointment without sufficient prior notice

Regular $45

Annual physical $90

Cost Estimates for some Common Forms (Does NOT include physical examinations – extra charges may apply):

School, camp, daycare form $32
Fitness certificate (pre-employment/health clubs), trip cancellation form $40
Employment Insurance Medical Certificate $32
Federal Disability Tax Credit $80
Canada Pension Plan Disability Application $40+
Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Application for Prospective Foster Parent $60
Insurance, Medico-Legal, or other Reports variable; as per Dr

Third Party Medical Examination (includes completion of forms):

Driver’s, Insurance, or Pre-employment Medical $130
Fitness Club Examination $80
Camp/School/Daycare Physical $80
Pre-operative/Pre-dental Physical $80


Liquid Nitrogen treatment of warts (except plantar or genital), skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, or other benign lesions (up to 4 lesions per treatment) $30
Removal of benign lesions (eg. moles, skin tags, etc.) by excision and suture

Single lesion $80

Two lesions $120

Pap test when not covered by OHIP (does NOT include lab test fees) $40
Pregnancy test $5
Ear syringing $30

Medical Records Transfer

Base fee $50
Photocopy of results, notes, forms, etc. $1 per page
Telephone services requiring long distance charges $5
Fax of prescription, notes, forms, etc. (at patient request) $0.25 per page