Prenatal Visits


I tested positive on a pregnancy test, now what?

Both doctors will have a phone appointment with you before the first prenatal (any time after a positive pregnancy test, usually at 6-8 weeks).  This can be booked online as a 10 minute phone appointment, just put the reason for the appointment as "positive pregnancy test".  

We do have pregnancy tests at the office, however they are not covered by OHIP so there is a $5 charge if you would like us to do a pregnancy test.  If you have concerns over whether you are actually pregnant or not, it is best to book a phone appointment with your doctor so they can discuss what other testing methods are available.  


First Major Prenatal

Dr Stefanie does the first in-person major prenatal at 11-12 weeks, and Dr Scott does the first in-person major prenatal at 8-10 weeks.  This appointment can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes, and there is significant amount of paperwork involved (imaging to arrange, referral to obgyn/midwife, etc).  Dr Wright will also go over what to expect during your pregnancy and in each successive prenatal visit.  


Following Visits

The routine visits following your first major prenatal won't take as long, but you will still need to do a urine sample at every prenatal visit, so please come prepared.