All forms (except WSIB) must be provided by the patient.  We do not keep blank forms on file.  All forms are subject to review by the doctor before an appointment will be made.  We cannot book an appointment for a form without permission from Dr. Wright.  

If you have a form, please complete your portion and sign the form (if required).  Do not fill out any portion meant to be completed by the doctor.  The partially completed form can then be emailed as a PDF or dropped off with reception.  Photos of the form are not an acceptable format.  If you cannot scan the form in or convert it to PDF format yourself, then you must drop the hard copy off at the office.  We will not accept unsigned forms.   

Forms are not covered by OHIP; some forms will be paid for by your employer/insurance company, but others you must pay for yourself.  If you are responsible for paying the fee associated with the completion of the form, then you must provide payment before you will receive the completed form, as per our payment policy.  

We will not fax completed forms to your insurance/employer until payment has been received, as per our payment policy