Please see the clinic hours page for the doctors' schedules.

A few things to note:

All appointments are subject to review before they are confirmed in our schedule.  

If your health card is invalid, you will be responsible for the cost of your appointment if you do not provide a valid health card within 90 days.  

If we need to cancel your appointment for whatever reason, we will make every attempt to contact you, however if you do not have a functioning voicemail and/or email, we are not responsible if you show up for an appointment that has been cancelled.  

No shows will result in a missed appointment charge, and your online booking privileges may be revoked until this fee is paid.

Dr Scott and Dr Stefanie have a policy of one issue per 10 minute appointment.  If you have 2-3 short concerns or need a few minutes extra, there is an option to book a longer, 15 minute appointment.  If you need more time to properly discuss your concern, for example wanting to discuss your mental health, please contact our office to book a 20 minute appointment.  


Video Chat Appointment Update - Sept 1, 2022

All patients require a separate My Health Access account to book appointments. DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT FOR A FAMILY MEMBER UNDER YOUR NAME. We will cancel these appointments and contact you when we have time to rebook, and you may lose the spot if it fills up in the meantime.

To create separate accounts you will need a different email for each account.  You must create the account(s) first, and then use the "book an appointment" button at the bottom of this page to connect your account to our clinic.  You cannot find our clinic by searching within My Health Access.  


Phone appointments can only be booked through reception (up until Oct 1, 2022).  They can no longer be booked online.  Instead there are a few video chat appointment options you can book online if you cannot come in to the office.  These virtual appointments use the integrated video chat feature within My Health Access so anyone with a My Health Access acount can use it, no additional software needed!


At the time of your virtual appointment, you must log in to your My Health Access account and hit "Start your Telehealth Appointment" to enter the virtual waiting room.  If you are not in the virtual waiting room at the time of your appointment you will be marked as absent for the appointment, and like any other no-show you will be charged the $45 missed appointment fee.  **If you have a longer appointment (ie 15-20 minute) it is a $90 fee for missing your appointment. 


It should be self explanatory, however you can only participate in video chat appointments if you have a front facing camera or webcam on your device (you can use any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) as long as it has the capability to share and save files in pdf format).  If you do not have a device that meets these criteria then you must come in to the office for all appointments.  

Important: If your doctor sends you any files (eg notes, reports, requisitions) within the chat during your video call, you should save them onto your computer immediately.  As soon as the call ends you won't be able to access the chat or any of the files attached to it.  

We have also expanded the types of appointment available to book online.  See below for more information.


What can never be booked online?

Click on the appointment reason for more information.

**The first major prenatal cannot be booked online, however successive follow up prenatal visits can be self booked according to the schedule the doctor has given you at your first visit.  

We are not an emergency service, if you are having a medical emergency please visit your nearest ER immediately.


What can currently be booked online?

  • 10 Minute In Person - Single Issue
  • 10 Minute Video Chat - Single Issue
  • Diabetic Check In - In Person
  • 15 Minute In Person
  • 15 Minute Video Chat
  • Adult (17+) Annual Physical and Pap if applicable
  • Child (2-16 yrs) Physical and Immunization(s)
  • Well Baby Check In (1-18 mo) - In Person
  • Follow up Prenatal - In Person
  • Vitamin B12/Iron/Prolia Injection
  • Vaccine: 1st Dose + Consult - In Person
  • Vaccine: 2nd/3rd Dose
  • Quick Medication Refill (prescription refill only) - 5 Minute Video Chat



10 minute in person

This appointment type is intended for a single concern where the doctor must do a physical assessment or see the area in person to provide a proper treatment plan.  If your concern is one of the following, you should book this type of appointment:

  • new or changing skin condition
  • new or worsening injury/pain
  • abdominal pain/swelling
  • genital concerns
  • blood pressure concerns

For concerns regarding your heart, please contact the office directly.  If you have any symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, do not wait; call an ambulance immediately.


10 minute video appointment

If it is not necessary to do an in person examination in order to address your concern, then you may book a video appointment.  However, if you wish to discuss your mental health, please book in a longer 20 minute spot (unless it is just a brief check in).  Some concerns that are easily addressed virtually are:

  • requisitions for routine bloodwork and/or imaging
  • notes for insurance purposes (NO FORMS, please go to the Forms page if you have a form that you need filled out)
  • routine follow ups for chronic conditions
  • medical advice, questions about medications/vaccines, etc


Routine diabetic check in

This appointment type is longer than a standard 10 minute appointment because you will have your height, weight, and blood pressure taken at the beginning of your appointment.  This process usually takes 5-8 minutes.  If you have had diabetes for many years, have a blood pressure cuff at home, check in with the doctor on a routine basis, and your diabetes is well controlled, the doctor may authorize a video chat appointment instead of an in person appointment, however this cannot be booked online so you must book this with a receptionist.   


15 minute in person

This appointment type is intended for patients with multiple short concerns where the doctor must do a physical assessment or see the area in person to provide a proper treatment plan, or for patients needing extra time for a single concern who feel their needs are better met with an in person consultation.   


15 minute video appointment

This appointment type is intended for patients with multiple short concerns where the doctor does not need to do a physical assessment or see the area in person to provide a proper treatment plan, or for patients needing extra time for a single concern who feel their needs can be met with a virtual (video) consultation.   


Adult annual physical (includes Pap test if applicable)

OHIP will only cover one physical per year so you cannot book a physical within 365 days of your previous onePap tests are done for anyone with a cervix every 3 years from 25 to 70 years of age.  We do not do Pap tests outside of your annual physical, with the exception of a repeat smear following an abnormal result.  


Routine infant wellness check/Child physical (16 years and under)

Infants are routinely scheduled for wellness checks at 1 month, 2 mo, 4 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo (for Dr Stefanie's patients only), 12 mo, 15 mo (for Dr Scott's patients only), and 18 months.  From then on your child should have a physical between 2-3 yrs, 4-5 yrs, 12-13 yrs, and 14-16 yrs of age.  These visits include any immunizations required by Public Health.  

If your child is older than 16, they must be booked in an adult physical slot.  Please see our policy on caregiver/parent/guardian access to health records and booking appointments for anyone 14 years of age and older.  


Follow up Prenatal

In order to book this appointment type, you MUST have already had your first (Major) prenatal visit with Dr Wright, and you should book according to the appointment schedule they gave you then.  Please visit the Prenatal Visits page as it has more details. 


Routine, periodic injection (B12, Iron, Prolia, Depo-Provera, Haldol)

This is an appointment for serum administration for patients who have these injections on a regularly scheduled basis.  It is NOT a consult appointment for patients looking to start these injections.  If you are looking to begin a series and have not consulted with Dr Wright yet, please book a 10 consult appointment first where the serum can also be prescribed.  

Allergy shots cannot be booked in these slots, click here to find out why. 



All vaccines must be authorized by your doctor before they can be administered.  Also, some vaccines are not kept in stock and will need a prescription from Dr Wright sent to the pharmacy.  If you have not yet discussed getting the vaccine with Dr Wright, then you must first book an appointment with them so they can prescribe the serum.  To do this you must book using the "1st Dose + Consult" appointment type.    

If you have already had the first dose in a vaccine series administered by Rosie/Dr Wright, then you should book the 2nd/3rd dose option.  Please note however, that this appointment will be for the vaccine administration only.  If you wish to discuss any concerns with the doctor you should book an injection + consult appointment.  


Medication Refill Only

This is a quick, 5 minute video call just to refill your prescription(s).  If you have any questions/concerns you must book a 10 minute appointment.  




Click the button below to connect to our clinic and book an appointment

If you have not registered an account with My Health Access yet, do that first and then click the button above to connect your existing account to our clinic.  You must have a separate account for each individual registered at our clinic (this includes children).  


All appointments are subject to review before they are confirmed in our schedule. We reserve the right to change or cancel any self-booked appointments at any time. If there is an issue with your appointment we will do our best to contact you to rebook in the next available appropriate time slot, however if we are unable to reach you then the appointment will be cancelled altogether.