MTO forms

Forms for the Ministry of Transportation are not covered by OHIP.  If your form is for the (routine) renewal of your commercial driving license, Dr. Wright does not need to see the form beforehand to authorize your appointment, however if it is any other MTO form, you must follow the normal procedure for forms.  

The fee for the driver's exam and form completion is $135 and must be paid upfront, as per our payment policy.  You can only book this type of appointment through reception because both Reeza and Dr. Wright need to be available for your appointment.  You will be required to do a urine sample before your appointment, so please come prepared to do so.  If you use glasses when driving you must bring those with you to your appointment.  

We have limited availabilities for this type of appointment and they fill up very quickly.  Do not leave it to the last minute to complete your form.