Mantoux (TB test)

First, you need to know if you require a one-step or two-step TB test, also known as the Mantoux test.  For a one-step test you will require 2 appointments.  At the first appointment the nurse will inject a small amount of serum just under the skin of your forearm.  The second appointment will be the read which must be done between 48 and 72 hours after the first appointment.  At the first appointment you will only see Reeza, and at the second appointment you will see both Reeza and Dr. Wright.  

If you cannot make it to both appointments then you must go to another clinic that can perform this test.  

If you require a two-step TB test then you will repeat this process 7-21 days later.  The second test cannot be done less than one week from the first test. 

OHIP will only cover Mantoux tests if they are for school.  The fee for a one-step Mantoux is $45 and a two-step is $60.  This must be paid upfront as per our payment policy.